ForEIgn Fields

"Sometimes when you walk into a club and hear someone new, life starts all over again. All the years between youth and now fly away into the air and the new songs being played promise an endless joy. Young William Harries Graham does that every night he sings his own songs, and as long as he does that the world will be a fine place to live. To hear him now is to hear it all."

- Bill Bentley


Upcoming Dates

SXSW Official Artist, March 11-18, 2018 (*)

Tuesday March 13 Annual Dog Day Afternoon at the Dogwood Outside 3:10pm *

Tuesday Swollen Circus at C-Boy's 11:50pm *

Thursday March 15 23rd Annual Yard Dog Party 2:00pm *

Friday March 16 8th Annual Lucy's South By South Austin Fried Chicken Revival 1:00pm *

Friday March 16 KGSR & Green Room Music Present Backstage at El Mercado The Lo Jinx 10:00pm *

Saturday March 17 Conqueroo & Jenni Finlay Present Rebels & Renegades at Threadgills Inside 3:00pm *

Saturday March 17 SXSW Official Showcase at the Continental Club 8:00pmSunday March 18 *

The Lo Jinx & the Orphans of SXSW Wind Down at Continental Club Gallery 8:30pm *

 3/21 The Continental Club   -   9:30PM - Full band show

3/25 The Continental Club Gallery   -   8:00PM - W/ The Lo-Jinx Orchestra

 3/28 The Continental Club   -   9:30PM - Full band show

4/1 The Continental Club Gallery   -   8:00PM - W/ The Lo-Jinx Orchestra





Foreign Fields

by William Harries Graham



Foreign Fields (OFfICIAL)

Video by The Lenz Twinz



Solo live at Strange Brew, July 2015

Mystical Ways (Official)

Video by Geoff Marslett