Jakes, recorded at Wire Studio by platinum engineer Stuart Sullivan was released on February 22, 2019, as a follow up to Foreign Fields. Blue Rose Records caught William Harries Graham with his band at the Continental Club as SXSW 2016 kicked off, soon releasing Foreign Fields to Europe. Hailed as a prodigy when he was a young teen by music critic Michael Corcoran. His first gig was at 6 years old at the Austin Music Awards when Margaret Moser invited him to play a song he'd written that several bands have covered called "Rock n Roll in the Street" to a crowd of over 1,000 people. That gig was followed by a special set with Dan Zanes at Hogg Auditorium a few months later when Zanes heard the song too. Wired Magazine's listed William as one of “World’s Top Changing Innovator's: 50 People Who Will Change the World" in a list that included included Ben Rattray of Change.org, the artist James Turrell, Satoshi Nakamoto of Bitcoin, Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York, and Won-Soon Park, the Mayor of Seoul. With a regular Wednesday night residency at the world renowned Continental Club, William Harries Graham's music defies the contemporary labels...it is independent in spirit, but not indie; it is American, but not Americana. What it IS, though, is a gorgeous and layered piece of work, which combines intelligent lyrics and powerful poetic imagery with a dreamlike wash of guitars and vocals, running down everything from glorious anthems to the most delicate weepers. UK music critic David Crowley wrote of Foreign Fields: "this debut record positions him towards the experimental end of Americana with copious nods towards the music that was called indie-rock before indie became a meaningless term. He has an aesthetic built around loud guitars, an ear for melody, a fondness for messing with time signatures, and if this record is any indication, a massive future. There’s a reflective quality to the songs, something more nuanced and thoughtful than might be expected; there’s space for the songs to breathe, no urgency even if the guitars are always poised to push on." Music critic Tim Stegall noted William's "protean talent," saying that his sound is "as if sound poet Brion Gysin had diced up a My Bloody Valentine record and one by Neil Young & Crazy Horse, then almost randomly reassembled the pieces."The new record Foreign Fields is a singular piece of work that deserves your attention. Mastered by Dave McNair, record and produced by Mark Addison. Addison says it’s the best record he’s ever made. Austin’s NPR KUTX has been regularly spinning the singles “Foreign Fields” and “Mystical Ways.” The new record also includes the single “Curtains Wide,” and a duet with Alejandro Escovedo. The were top picks for SXSW, including features in the New York Times, Austin Monthly, Texas Monthly and one of seven bands featured by KUTX's SXSW "Seven To Watch." Rolling Stone hailed the Painted Redstarts as the future of Austin music after their performance at ACL Live/Moody Theater for the United Sounds of Austin. Playback Austin hails William as the "voice of his generation." Rock critic Doug Freeman calls the band "ambassadors to the next generation that's already making waves in river city." William has showcased at Folk Alliance International and headlined the Kerrville Fall Festival. William studies in the prestigious Plan II Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin, and is a Jefferson Scholar.